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Frigidaire parts for refrigerators come in many shapes and sizes, and among the most important of them all is the water filter. These specific Frigidaire parts are what makes sure your drinking water is free of impurities. A lot of refrigerator nowadays, especially two-door units, already have installed water dispensers. This dispenser is directly connected to the water line. Although we are well aware that the water coming from the line for drinking water is pretty clean, it would still be better to take extra caution on your part.

Frigidaire Parts – PureSource Refrigerator Water Filters

Using Frigidaire parts for refrigerators such as the PureSource Refrigerator Water Filters is definitely the best way to go for you and your family. For one, they clean your drinking water thoroughly, making sure that not a single strand of foreign substances will enter your system. If there’s one thing that is true for the entire population, it’s that nobody wants to get sick by drinking contaminated water. Also, these PureSource Refrigerator Water Filters Frigidaire parts keeps your drinking water tasting good. I’m sure you are not a big fan of the traces of chlorine that are easy to taste in tap water. So, here are some Frigidaire parts for your refrigerator’s water filter to help keep your drinking water good and clean.

PureSourcePlus WFCB / RC200 Frigidaire Refrigerator Ice & Water Filter

This Frigidaire parts model for water filtration can fit Frigidaire refrigerator models RC101, RC200, RC-101, RC-200 RF-200, 218710901, 218710902, 218732306, 218904501, 218904602, 218907800, 53039017752, 5303917937, 5303918017, and SWFCB. It can also be used in various Sears/Kenmore units. These filters have a proven system that can filter out a lot of the contaminants from water you use for drinking and making ice. These Frigidaire water filters can clear up to 99.30% of Lead, 99.99% of Cysts, 99.80% of particulates (class 1), 99.70 % of turbidity, 97.80% of Chlorine, 94.90% Atrazine, 94.20% of 2-D and 4-D, and 87.50% of Toxaphene. These Frigidaire parts have also proven to be easy to install and can last up until 6 months.

PuruSource WF1CB / RG-100 Frigidaire Refrigerator Ice & Water Filter

This Frigidaire parts model for water filtration sports blue-ended cartilage, as opposed to the white ends of the previous model. This one can fit Frigidaire Refrigerator models RF100, RG100, NGRG2000, RF-100,RG-100, NGRG-100, NGRG-2000, 218994101, 218717805, 240389101, 240389102, 240194501, SWF1CB and WFB. And just like the other models, this Frigidaire parts accessory can fit several other Sears/Kenmore units as well. This model has been also tested to be able to block 96.5% of Chlorine and 98.3% of Class 3 particulates. It can last up to 6 months of daily use.

PureSource2 WF2CB / FC100/ NGFC 2000 Frigidaire Refrigerator Ice/Water Filter

This refrigerator filtering Frigidaire parts model is among the latest to be released in the market. Hence, it has properties that can easily adapt to a lot of refrigerator models from Frigidaire and various other makers. Among the Frigidaire refrigerator units that can accommodate this filter are MB100, FC100, NGFC2000, 218732308, 218732309B, and many others. It can also fit several units from Sears/Kenmore and Electrolux. Filtering Frigidaire parts like this one have been proven to remove a lot of contaminants from the water in your refrigerator, including 99.99% Cysts, 99.70% Turbidity 99.30% Lead, 98.6% Particulates (Class 3), 98.50% Chlorine, and 98% Alchlore and Atrozine. These Frigidaire parts are able to last up to 6 months.